What Can We Do???

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Tell everyone
-Lobby your local MP or MEP
-Make your local authority aware and encorage them to do more
-Contact the big companies and encorage them to do more

Stop using insecticides

Create a bee friendly garden

Support your local beekeepers

Take Up Bee Keeping

Sign petitions banning pesticides


Please click on each catergory to make this happen and save our bees.

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Bee Decline and Disease

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Diseases will always be an issue and can affect any living form even they do produce a viable alternative to many of our illnesses. Honeybees and their larvae are affected by many diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Research has established a link between certain bee viruses, Varroa and colony decline. The mite can transmit some viruses within the colony and increase the rate of infection compared to hives that are mite-free. Some mite-transmitted viruses, such as deformed wing

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Your Questions About Natural Health Care Reviews

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Maria asks…What am I, am I Republican or Democrat?here are my beliefs and views:

Gay rights – i’m not gay, but i support gay rights, i support gay marriage, and i do not support Don’t ask, don’t tell (DADT), i believe it is a violation of the United States Constitution, it violates the First and Fifth Amendments.

Gun rights – i support gun rights, especially for self-defense purposes, i support the Second Amendment.

Security personnel w/ guns in schools – i support gun rights, however, i

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Your Questions About Healthy Gifts For Valentine’s Day

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William asks…I need help on getting my boyfriend a Valentine’s day gift?I’ve asked this question like 5 times and have not gotten a helpful answer. I appreciate people taking time to try and help buuuut…none of the answers are good.

so, please help!

have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Suggestions would be extremely appreciated! They’re a healthy family so I don’t want to do candy. I don’t want to do anything lovey dovey because we’re not really like that, it’s a

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Your Questions About Spa Breaks Usa

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James asks…I am looking for a good “SPA” to go to…Ilive in the Eastern part of the USA..so no desert stuff..and…..I need a quiet retreat….I smoke and will not be told to not as I am paying for this…should I stay here or asume that another place would garner more freedom in my own say of how I want this? It is more a mental break than anything. Thanks….please be kind, I am rather burnt out….Dr Ryder answers:SPA hmm lets see spa spa hmm nope ya got me !Jenny asks…gay question

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Your Questions About Pamper And Massage

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Chris asks…How to get girlfriend to let me massage feet?My girlfriend is the type of girl who is not barefoot all the time, but when she is she doesn’t really trust people around her feet…I was just wondering how I could get her to consider a foot massage. I really want to relax her and also I have a foot fetish…not an obsessive one, but one that I’d like to pamper her feet. Don’t girls love that kind of stuff? Any adice? I’m sure she’d get used to itDr Ryder answers:Just leave it alone,

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Your Questions About Gifts Of The Spirit

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Lizzie asks…Cute ideas for spirit gifts?Hey! Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for spirit gifts. I’m/my friends & I are looking for something kinda cheap. There are about 50 of us I think.
The only idea we really had thought of so far was bandannas with each person’s name on it. Like the ones you tie around your head not the like western-country type. Anyways let me know what you think of my idea & would really like some suggestions too please!!

thanks in advance! :)Dr

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